Sunday, February 9, 2014

2014 - A Big Year

Well I can admit (without hesitation) to myself that I failed on blogging last year... AT ALL!!  

.....Tsk Tsk....

I truly had every intention of blogging but it fell to the waist side.  Now I can make up all the excuses in the world about how I was busy doing this or doing that but that is all they will be: EXCUSES.

I'm getting married this summer!! As of today we are 188 days away until the big day!!  So far so good, we got everything booked, now we just got to worry about what the groom and wedding party are going to wear, and finalize the centerpieces for the reception.  The save the dates have been mailed and now I need to make the invitations, bouquets, and boutonnieres.  I think we are in a decent state for where we need to be.  I am positive the day will come together as I hope!

In my last post I determined a few resolutions which I have improved on.  Not every one of these resolutions have been accomplished but I can hold my head up high with the progress I have made:
  1. Get more sleep - I have made a more conscience effort of monitoring my sleep and how it affects me.  Early bedtimes are a must in our household and I feel better in the morning for it.
  2. Stop over thinking - Since acknowledging this problem I have become better at controlling my thoughts.  I no longer find my brain jumping to conclusions or making up the worst our of situations.  All in all I am in a happier state of mind.
  3. Stop procrastinating - This will always be an issue with me.  However the first step to solving a problem is acknowledging there is one.  I find I do have less stress and anxiety than a year ago, maybe that means I have been procrastinating less.
  4. Be more active - I am getting married in August.  I have been going to the gym.  I have been surrounding myself with positive reinforcements and trying to keep in mind that going to gym is more important than staying at home after a day of work.  This is a hard feat but the key to staying with it is through motivation which I surround myself with.  Also my better half helps keep me accountable.
  5. Stop taking on more distractions - Obivously since I haven't be blogged in over  year something has been distracting me... We'll just say that this resolution still needs work. 
  6. Practice solitude more often - I am more self reflective and find I can focus my energies and feelings more so than a year ago.  I have made progression on this front.  As far as practicing complete solitude, I still am working on meditation without my mind wondering.  I figure once I get more of solitude it will help out with #2 (above).
  7. Learn to drive - I can drive!!! I'm not licensed yet but I can definitely drive! I have completed driver's training however ever since the snow hit I have been hesitant to get more practice in.  Once spring hits and the ice has disappears I will be pursuing my full license.
  8. Be mindful - I have made progress on this one.  I know for a fact I have.  I know my energies affect others and draw similar like energies back to me in return.  Don't get me wrong I slip up and let one bad thing ruin my day but this doesn't happen as much as it use to.
     "Look past your thoughts, so you may 
    drink the pure nectar of this moment.”   
  9. Take better care of myself - This is the always the ultimate goal.  As I stated before I want to feel happier, feel healthier and be enlightened. I know I'm almost there.
  10. Cook and eat at home more oftern - Honestly, I can't say whether or not this has improved.  I guess it has but I'm sure we'll always resort to eating out instead of cooking.  The real issue here is if we are eating healthier, and I feel as though we have.  We have cut out bacon and cook with chicken bacon which is a great improvement carb-wise.  We haven't bought a loaf of bread in over a year, if we do need bread we use my nifty bread machine!  We eat avocados on the regular which are so so YUMMY!!  When we do eat outside of home I make a conscience decision not to fill my body with crap.
There's an update for you.  I will be sure to do so more often, especially with the wedding coming up!

Peace & Love, my Friends! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome to the year 2013

Well the holidays are done and we welcome another year.  I enjoyed a lot of quality time with my family and some down time with my better half. I hope all of you were as fortunate as me this season. 

I am relieved that all  the stores and the roads will be returning to a less chaotic state now that the festivies are over.  Over our holidays there were times where we dreaded  stepping for anything.  If we ever did step out we made sure to rise at the crack of dawn (around 8 a.m. where I live), get our shopping done and return home all before 11:00 am. Worked out to be a lot less headache that way.

The past couple days I have been feeling blue as I was not looking forward to returning to work.  I reflected on what I would like to see this new year.  

New Year Resolutions:

  1. Get more sleep - I feel drained more often than not in the morning.  I need to start going to bed earlier.
  2. Stop over thinking - Many times I let my mind get ahead of me or let it get the better of me.  This ultimately leads me to distraction, anxiety, and an unhappy state of mind.  I need to stop over analyzing. 
  3. Stop procrastination - I am a world champion procrastinator.  I need to stop this as it leads to further distraction and anxiety
  4. Be more active - Especially today, I've woken up with aches and pains all over my body.  I find the simplest task to be exhausting.  Simply put, I am out of shape. I would like to find an outlet to allow myself the opportunity to become fit.  I've tried going to the gym a couple times in the past and found that I did not like it.  I want to find another method or means to obtain my exercise.  I've put on some winter weight.
  5. Stop taking on more distractions (i.e.; electronics) - On Boxing Day I picked up a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet computer.  My intent is to use it to successfully post more frequently on this blog.  Over the past week or so I have lost majors hours to it, mostly just messing around.  I also recall how many hours I wasted when I first got my smartphone 2 years ago.  This needs to stop.  As a society a lot of us are so "wired into the matrix" that we do not look up from what we are doing.  I'm guilty as charged.  I would like to stop taking in these distractions and take more time to enjoy what matters most.  By also restricting these distractions I should be able to better achieve # 3 from above. 
  6. Practice solitude more often - I would like to be able to sit and clear my mind.  Focus on my body, my mind, and help focus my thoughts. This is what I hope this blog will help me achieve. 
  7. Learn to drive - I am 25 years old and have had my learners permit for over a year now and still have not driven.  I would like to be on the road to obtaining my full license by this time next year, if not sooner.
  8. Be mindful - By practicing Solitude (#6) I hope to achieve a mindful state of mind.  I hope to be better aware of what other people are going through.  I would like to be mindful of how my actions affect people and even how these actions affect myself.  I also mean to be more mindful of how a good event makes me feel.  For example, the warm feeling I get when I'm complimented. 
  9. Take better care of myself - All of these resolutions ultimately lead to this.  I want to feel happier, feel healthier, and be enlightened.  These are my goals
  10. Cook and eat at home more often - Too many times I am willing to throw up my hands and say "Screw cooking tonight".  I would like to take more advantage of my abilities to cook and make healthier food choices for me and my better half.
There you have it.  Now (((PLEASE))) hold me accountable! :) 

Whatever your goals, resolutions, or intents are for 2013, I hope you all the best.

Peace & Love, my friends!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Still Trying To See the Good in Myself..

Too many times we focus on the bad and never stop to remember the good.  

For myself, they are days where everything is going right and I would consider as a good day and then something happens... It could be a client that calls in who is upset or a email that throws a wrench into day.  Typically (and depending on how convoluted the issue it) when I walk away from the day I deem it as a bad day.  All because I decided to focus on the bad instead of walking away remembering the thirty good things that happened that day.  

The book which I mention in my previous post has a saying: "Neurons that fire together, wire together".  This leads to a bias thought process. Unfortunately my friends this is my flaw (one of many). This is what I'm trying to improve.

I try to reflect on the good characteristics I have and I keep coming back to doubt.  
For example, I think one of my good characteristics is that I'm hard working, but then I think, I'm really not like that all the time.  
This is the battle I must face.  I am my own worst enemy.  From what I'm told this all part of being human.  We all slip up.

I then think of my other characteristics, like resiliency.  I know for sure this is a characteristic I am well equipped with.  Even if this characteristic isn't present and at the forefront all the time, I know it will kick in when I need it to the most.  
As I reflect on the easier-to-grasp characteristics I let the feelings of worth flood my senses.  I am trying to dwell on the good in myself instead of the bad.  

Just some food for thought.

Peace & Love, my friends

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